Christy McBrayer

Hailing from Tupelo, Mississippi…well…the trailer park suburb called Saltillo, Christy shares the same birthplace with Elvis Presley. While majoring in theatre at Delta State University, Christy McBrayer starting honing her own brand of homespun humor on her morning radio show in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Spinning yarns about colorful locals and her eccentric family members, Christy soon acquired a large listenership in her home state along with fan mail from the state’s penitentiary. After completing her master’s degree from University of Southern Mississippi, Christy set out to Los Angeles and within months hit the Hollywood comedy club scene. She performed regularly at The Icehouse in Pasadena, The Improv, The Comedy Store… even the Hollywood Palladium and Uncle Willy’s Chuckle Hut in the same week. She also co-wrote and performed with an all-girl comedy troupe in “Ten Tits and Five Tiaras.” She appeared in national television commercials from Sprite to Cellular One, films and numerous plays (including one long run as a young Austin country singer). The Hollywood Reporter called her “attractive, convincing and first rate.” She had long, successful runs of “Southern Fried Chickie”at The Complex, El Portal Center for Performing Arts and The Coronet Theater receiving glowing reviews in Variety and was twice Recommended Pick by LA Weekly. McBrayer then took “Southern Fried Chickie” to New Orleans, opening the weekend before Hurricane Katrina struck.  She returned to New Orleans staying briefly on a military ship feeling compelled to remain in the Crescent City to contribute to rebuilding. She re-opened the show one year later when she felt that the City was ready for some levity. After three runs in New Orleans, this “Southern Fried Chickie” is now thrilled to be in Austin!

Johnny Molinari

Johnny Molinari, a Yankee living in Texas, has played in various bands since 1998 that were well received by the people drinking the free booze at numerous house parties, virgin sacrifices and cult initiations.

Johnny has played guitar and bass with many bands over the years, such as:  Bag O' Bones, Static Sterling Silver, The Rockiteers, The Soilbirds, Stone Age, Inside Out, The BoFunk Brothers, Jeebus, Ed's Dingo Farm, Johnny M. & Joe Ben, Chaos Theory, Diamond Simon & The Roughcuts, Blues Posse, The Treachery of Others and now as a member of The Redneck Greek Chorus in Christy McBrayer’s “Southern Fried Chickie” to name a few.

He has never won an award or been honored by the Queen, but did once win a contest thrown by Gibson in celebration of their 100th anniversary called “Show Us Your Gibson” that landed him spot on a Gibson poster, various ads in music magazines and a Gibson Nighthawk guitar.

He wonders who will sculpt his statue when he buys his first third world country to rule once “Southern Fried Chickie” goes viral.

Baird Blanton - Guitar and Vocals, "Voice of Daddy"

Originally from Fort Worth, Baird Blanton settled in Austin after 16 years in the film industry in Los Angeles. After working in post-production for many years on several HBO series and films like The Sopranos and Angels in America, a serendipitous opportunity to relocate to Austin changed his path forever. The lure of Austin’s music scene proved infectious and Baird picked up a guitar for the first time in 2007 and hasn’t put it down since.

A prolific singer-songwriter, Baird’s friends refer to him as “The Natural” as he has truly found his calling. With friend and fellow Treachery of Others bandmate Johnny Molinari, their Frank Zappa meets Hank Williams repertoire is guaranteed to raise the eyebrows and spirits of those who are lucky enough to hear them play.

Although Baird has a long history of supporting the arts and theater, this is his first foray into scripted performance.